Transitioning Your Loved One To Accept The Idea Of Assisted Living

If you have an elderly relative who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and they are living in a home on their own, you most likely worry for their safety since no one is around to monitor their activities. Making the decision to have your relative move to an assisted living facility is a big one that should be discussed with your relative in detail. Often you will come across resistance when trying to convince someone an assisted living facility is best. Here are some ways to help your relative realize the decision would be in their best interest.

Have A Sit Down Discussion

Take the time to voice your concerns about your relative's safety at a time where they seem alert. Tell them that you worry about their well-being within the home and you feel it may be best to consider a senior assisted living facility. Tell them about the benefits of going to an assisted living facility.

Offer To Take A Tour

Research a few facilities in your area where you feel your relative may enjoy living. Call the facilities in advance to make appointments for visitation along with your relative. Make a fun day out of the occasion by visiting the cafeteria area to grab a bite to eat and by checking out some of the activities offered for people who live in the facility. Make a point to introduce your relative to some of the caretakers so your relative will see who would be available to ask for help if they were to agree to live at the facility.

Talk About The Good Points

Have your relative discuss the visits with you after they have ended. Ask your relative which of the facilities they liked the best and what they enjoyed about each one. Getting them involved in the process will make them more apt to change their mind about living at one. Talk about the different activities available at each facility and how your relative would be able to engage in social situations if they were to live at an assisted living facility. Try to sway the conversation away from any negative points. 

Inform your relative that you will visit them daily for a month or so as they get used to their new surroundings. Give them a calendar and mark off days that you know you or other relatives will be able to visit so they will be able to count down the days until they know a visitor will arrive. Often, knowing there is family support available as the elderly person goes through the transition from home to a facility will be enough to make them give it a try.

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