The Benefits Of Recovering From Hip Surgery In Short Term Rehab

Recovering from surgery at a short term rehab facility gives you several benefits over recovering from home. While it seems like being at home in familiar surroundings would be an ideal place in which to recover, it can distract from your primary goal—successfully healing from hip surgery. Here are some ways a rehab facility will enhance your recovery experience.

You Will Have Time to Focus

In a short term rehab facility, your focus will be on healing and strengthening your hip, learning to become mobile again, and resuming all of your normal daily activities. Staff are available in these facilities to take care of these everyday chores for you to give you the time to focus on your recovery. At home, you'll be tempted to jump into normal daily activities such as doing laundry and cleaning around the house. Not only does this take away from the time you should be resting and healing, but you might be tempted to overdo it, hurt yourself and set back your recovery.

Your Overall Health Will Be Addressed

In short term rehab, there are people there to fix you healthy meals and make sure you have the nutrition you need to recover from orthopedic surgery. They will keep you on your medication schedule so you'll be comfortable when doing physical therapy and your exercises. They may notice changes in your health before you do, such as a potential infection in your surgical site. At home, you may not eat as healthy as you should. You might forget to take your medication before exercise and a small change in your incision could become a big issue before you realize it.

You Will Have Constant Support and a Nudge When You Need It

The staff in short term rehab will help you with your exercises and get you to follow up doctor appointments. On those days when you're a little tired or just frustrated with your pace of recovery, you'll have people there to remind you of the progress you've made and the need to continue at a pace that makes incremental progress. They know that maintaining a regular schedule of exercise and physical therapy is what allows you to return home and get back to your normal routines.

Your Recovery Will Involve But Not Burden Your Family

Friends and family members can still help you during your recovery, much as if you were at home. But with staff available at the short term rehab, your recovery won't rely on your family changing their schedules to accommodate you. They can spend the time they can afford with you, knowing that you'll have plenty of support when they can't be there.

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