Choose An Assisted Living Facility That Keeps You Active

An assisted living facility is often the ideal living arrangement for your senior years. It offers just the right amount of security and supervision to help you stay safe and healthy. The best part is you don't have to worry about living in boring isolation. Many facilities offer plenty of social activities and amenities to keep you active and independent. Here are some things to look for when choosing an assisted living facility that matches your recreational interests.

4 Reasons To Choose A Nursing Home

If you have an elderly person in your life you're concerned about; you may want to consider putting this individual in a nursing facility. It's common for children of aging parents to do so, and this can help you feel more secure about the well-being of this individual. By knowing specific reasons to choose a home of this type, you may be more motivated to begin the process. Reason #1: 24/7 Healthcare

Making Life At Home More Comfortable For Your Special Needs Child

Parents of children with special needs are often faced with the difficult decision between caring for their children at home or opting for residential placement. Should you choose to care for your child at home, you'll likely need to make a few changes to your home and your routine to create a comfortable and safe environment for your child. Here are a few things you can do to make life at home easier for your child and your family.

Alternative Retirement Community Options

Retirement communities can be a great option for parents who are still fairly independent. There are many types of alternative retirement communities that are cropping up, and these can provide a great shared experience while cutting down costs. Here are some alternative retirement community options. Shared Housing Options A shared housing option for retirement can be either organized or incidental. There are some co-ops that cater to older individuals. Other times, you may find a service that places two or more older adults together in a shared apartment with common living spaces.

Over 65? Here Are 4 Reasons You Need A Pre-Paid Cell Phone

It may seem like everyone has a cell phone these days. However, only 35% of individuals over the age of 65 own a cell phone according to the most recent data released by the Pew Research Group. If you are among the 65% of adults over 65 who don't own a cell phone, you should consider purchasing a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid cell phones are low maintenance, easy to use and come handy in the case of an emergency.

6 Strategies To Find A Retirement Community That's Best For Your Parent

Often elderly parents must rely on their adult children to help them choose and move into a retirement community. It's essential for the children to find a place that will be an excellent fit for their parent. Focus these strategies to find a retirement community where your parent will have a happy, fulfilling life.  Avoid Choosing a Community Just Because You Find It Appealing You may especially like the way one particular retirement community is designed, including the floor plans and the recreational activity schedules.

How To Help Your Parent With The Transition To An Assisted Living

When the time comes that you have to put your parent into an assisted living, you will likely feel a mixture of conflicting emotions. You might feel guilty or sad. However, one way you can keep your mind off of things is by helping your parent move into his or her assisted living and make the transition smoothly.Here are some actions that you can take. 1. Listen and Spend Time Apart

Transitioning Your Loved One To Accept The Idea Of Assisted Living

If you have an elderly relative who has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and they are living in a home on their own, you most likely worry for their safety since no one is around to monitor their activities. Making the decision to have your relative move to an assisted living facility is a big one that should be discussed with your relative in detail. Often you will come across resistance when trying to convince someone an assisted living facility is best.

4 Things To Think About When Helping Your Elderly Parent Choose An Independent Living Community

If you have an elderly parent who is considering an independent living community, you may not know much about them or how to help your parent choose the right one. Independent living communities are those that are specifically made for senior citizens. Your parent will get a room or apartment of their own without having to worry about cleaning or cooking, as the community provides meals and cleaning services. Choosing a good place can be a challenge; keep the following things in mind as you and your parent look for the perfect community.

Answering Two Questions About Memory Care Facilities

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are many different diseases and conditions that can severely impact a person's memory. In these instances, treatment is focused on slowing the spread of the disease while maintaining a high quality of life. For those who are unable to provide the type of intensive care loved ones with these conditions may require, there are facilities that can help your loved one retain their sense of freedom while offering them a safe environment with access to readily available medical care.

Retirement Home Living: Why It Is Ideal For A Senior

Are you an elderly man or woman who is living with a family member to get taken care of? If you are ready for more independence without compromising your health needs, living in a retirement home may be something that you should consider. Find out below how living in a retirement community can be beneficial, as well as an estimate of what you will spend to live there. Why is a Retirement Home Ideal for a Senior?

How to Use Music in Dementia Treatment

Music helps ease dementia symptoms by increasing memory recall, helping the patient experience a happier mood, and reducing the amount of pain that a person feels by relaxing them and taking their mind off their symptoms. Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities know that music is able to help ease dementia symptoms, but if you are providing home care for a loved one with dementia, you might not know how to adequately utilize this vital tool.

How Can You Cover the Cost of Home Rehabilitation after an Injury or Illness?

Most dread the thought of a lengthy stay in the hospital, even for severe injuries and illnesses. Fortunately, advances in technology now allow a number of routine aspects of care to be performed by trained professionals in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you've recently been hospitalized, your discharge instructions may include information on hiring a nursing service or in-home caretaking service to help you continue your recuperation at home.

Assisted Living Help For Veterans And Their Families

Not all dangers of war are immediate, and some can last a lifetime. If you or a loved one are suffering from conditions caused by military service and would like some help living with some independence--or as much help as you can get--there are a range of options available. If there's financial, emotional or cultural issues standing between you when it comes to getting veterans assistance in the right place, consider a few ways and ask yourself these questions of how assisted and senior living facilities can help.

Getting The Most Out Of Your New Senior Neighborhood

You're preparing to move to one of the local senior living facilities and are concerned about how you'll like it. But you'll soon discover that becoming an active participant in your new neighborhood is a good way to meet new people and find your niche. Here are some suggestions as to how you can become a part of your new community. Attend the Association Meetings If the facility has an active homeowner's association, sit in on the meetings.

Your Elderly Parent's Health Fears: What's Normal, And How To Help

Do you have a loved one who recently moved into an assisted care living facility? You are facing a lot of stressors in your life right now, and one of them may be watching your parent undergo stress. One of the factors that contribute to the stress of this life season may be your parent's fears about declining health. Here is some information about common health fears the elderly face and tips for helping reduce your parent's anxiety.

The Benefits Of Recovering From Hip Surgery In Short Term Rehab

Recovering from surgery at a short term rehab facility gives you several benefits over recovering from home. While it seems like being at home in familiar surroundings would be an ideal place in which to recover, it can distract from your primary goal—successfully healing from hip surgery. Here are some ways a rehab facility will enhance your recovery experience. You Will Have Time to Focus In a short term rehab facility, your focus will be on healing and strengthening your hip, learning to become mobile again, and resuming all of your normal daily activities.