Getting The Most Out Of Your New Senior Neighborhood

You're preparing to move to one of the local senior living facilities and are concerned about how you'll like it. But you'll soon discover that becoming an active participant in your new neighborhood is a good way to meet new people and find your niche. Here are some suggestions as to how you can become a part of your new community.

Attend the Association Meetings

If the facility has an active homeowner's association, sit in on the meetings. You'll find out what concerns the residents have and how they are being addressed. You'll get to know some of the leaders in the neighborhood and what kind of relationship they have with the facility management. Even though you're new, don't hesitate to speak up and offer suggestions based on your experience.

Sign Up for Activities

Go to the dance class, sewing club or craft workshops. You'll get a chance to learn some new skills and also meet the people that are passionate about the topic. Try out different activities without worrying about becoming an expert. These sessions are as much about socializing with friends and neighbors as they are about learning new skills.

Offer to Teach One of Your Skills

Teach a class on something that you love to do. From cooking and writing to model building and computer skills, you have helpful information to share with your community. Senior facilities frequently look for new topics to present to the residents and you may have just the right hobby or skills to develop an interesting class.

Get Involved in Health-Focused Groups

Become part of a group that walks for their health. Or visit a cardio workout group in the exercise area of the facility. If there currently aren't such groups in your neighborhood that support exercise and good health, start one. There are likely other residents in the facility who will benefit from you being proactive.

Provide a Support Service to the Community

You may have specific skills that could help other residents in the community. During tax season, offer to help residents with their tax forms. Hold discussions on how to manage investment and retirement portfolios. Help others work with social media to stay connected with their families. You likely have a number of skills that will enhance the lives of your neighbors.

The more you get involve with your new senior community, the more you'll get from it. You'll meet new people, make new friends, and create a reputation as someone who wants to see the community thrive.