Answering Two Questions About Memory Care Facilities

It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are many different diseases and conditions that can severely impact a person's memory. In these instances, treatment is focused on slowing the spread of the disease while maintaining a high quality of life. For those who are unable to provide the type of intensive care loved ones with these conditions may require, there are facilities that can help your loved one retain their sense of freedom while offering them a safe environment with access to readily available medical care. Yet you may need a couple of questions about this type of hospice care answered before deciding whether it is the right option for your loved one. 

How Do These Facilities Provide Memory Care For Patients?

One of the best ways for helping patients who are suffering from these conditions is to provide them with a mentally stimulating environment. In order to do this, hospices that specialize in caring for memory issues will usually have a range of activities that residents are free to do. Whether it is arts and crafts or game tournaments, keeping residents as mentally active as possible is a primary goal for memory care. However, the exact activities offered will vary from facility to facility, and you should consider the option that includes the most appealing activities for your loved one.

How Will Your Loved One's Meals Be Handled?

For those that are suffering from memory issues, it can be impossible for them to safely prepare meals on their own. Luckily, these facilities will handle all aspects of meal and snack preparation for your loved one. However, this is done in a way that will provide the resident with the greatest sense of freedom possible. For example, these facilities will usually serve a range of foods at each meal for the residents to choose. Also, the mealtimes are often arranged to cover several hours, which will further give residents options for when they want to eat. 

If a resident has special dietary requirements, these institutions will be able to accommodate these needs. Whether it is a need for a specific diet or avoid some foods due to allergies, the cooks at these facilities can prepare meals that will be suitable for any resident's needs. 

Losing one's sense of memory can be a devastating problem to experience. In addition to the problems caused by these conditions, patients may also feel a tremendous sense of stress at the thought of losing their independence. By understanding these two questions and answers about memory care facilities, you will be better positioned to make a sound choice for your loved one's needs. 

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