4 Things To Think About When Helping Your Elderly Parent Choose An Independent Living Community

If you have an elderly parent who is considering an independent living community, you may not know much about them or how to help your parent choose the right one. Independent living communities are those that are specifically made for senior citizens. Your parent will get a room or apartment of their own without having to worry about cleaning or cooking, as the community provides meals and cleaning services. Choosing a good place can be a challenge; keep the following things in mind as you and your parent look for the perfect community.

Find Out about Social Activities

Social activities are some of the reasons that independent living communities can be good for your parent. There is some evidence that people who engage in social, physical and mental activities have a lower risk for dementia.

Therefore, when seeking out the right place, it is critical that there is a thriving social atmosphere at any community you consider. Get a list of activities that take place on site, as well as information about any field trips that are taken. Better yet, head down to the activity room or center to get an idea of what an activity is really like.

Check Out the Menu

Wherever your parent ends up, they will have to eat there on a daily basis. Therefore, making sure the food is palatable and acceptable is something that cannot be overlooked. If possible, sample a meal in the dining area on a few occasions to get an idea of what the experience is like. Find out if special requests are honored; for example, if your parent is on a soft food diet or cannot eat foods containing gluten, you need to know what options are available. It is also important to find out what happens if your parent misses a meal.

Find Out about Assisted Living Services

While your parent may be able to do things independently now, as they age their needs may change. To avoid moves in the future, be sure to find out whether the independent living community you're thinking about also offers assisted living services and has medical personnel on site at all times.

Get Copies of Floor Plans

Each individual community offers different floor plans for their living spaces. Getting a copy of different floor plans will help your parent know which communities will allow them the most space. More importantly, the floor plans give your parent an idea of what they will be able to take with them to their new home. Will their entertainment center fit? Will they be able to bring their piano? Knowing what they can expect in terms of space and layout can help them feel more comfortable about moving into a new place.

Now that you have some ideas for helping your elderly parent find the right independent living community, start looking. Be sure to talk with staff members in different communities to get even more information about which place is the right fit for your parent. One place you can check out is Kind-er Care, Inc.