6 Strategies To Find A Retirement Community That's Best For Your Parent

Often elderly parents must rely on their adult children to help them choose and move into a retirement community. It's essential for the children to find a place that will be an excellent fit for their parent. Focus these strategies to find a retirement community where your parent will have a happy, fulfilling life. 

Avoid Choosing a Community Just Because You Find It Appealing

You may especially like the way one particular retirement community is designed, including the floor plans and the recreational activity schedules. Instead of focusing on your own enthusiasm, however, pay close attention to what your parent says and how they appear to feel. 

Be Willing to Travel a Bit Farther

Often, it's easiest to simply choose the retirement community that's closest to your home, as long as it's a high-quality facility. Be willing to look at some that are a bit farther away; you may find something that your parent likes much better. 

Investigate the Dining Options

If your parent will eat meals in a community dining room or have meals delivered to their room, make sure there are plenty of suitable choices. An individual who primarily eats a vegetarian diet with lots of fresh foods, for instance, isn't going to be happy with a menu focusing almost entirely on meat-based dishes and processed food. 

Consider Your Parent's Lifestyle Preferences

If your parent really enjoys having a glass of wine or a cocktail before or after dinner, choosing a retirement community that doesn't allow alcohol on the premises may not be satisfactory. 

Accept Your Parent's Health Condition

Your parent may be moving to a retirement community because of health issues that are likely to get worse. If that's the case, find a facility that has areas appropriate for your parent's level of ability now and areas that provide additional care and supervision. Having to move to an entirely different community if the individual's health deteriorates will be disruptive. 

Think About Finances

If there's a chance your parent will one day not be able to afford living at the facility, make sure it accepts the government-funded medical assistance waiver program for seniors. Otherwise, your parent will have to move to another community when the money runs out. 

Concluding Thoughts

With these strategies, you can help your loved one find a retirement community that will be an excellent fit for their personality, lifestyle preferences and physical condition. It also will fit the practical parameters you both need to consider.  

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