Choose An Assisted Living Facility That Keeps You Active

An assisted living facility is often the ideal living arrangement for your senior years. It offers just the right amount of security and supervision to help you stay safe and healthy. The best part is you don't have to worry about living in boring isolation. Many facilities offer plenty of social activities and amenities to keep you active and independent. Here are some things to look for when choosing an assisted living facility that matches your recreational interests.

Transportation Services

Even if you're still driving now, you may need to stop driving at some point in the future for health and safety reasons. You don't want to be stuck in your room just because you can't drive, so look for a facility that offers regular transportation to stores in your area. The facility may offer shuttle bus runs every day to the local grocery or department store, or it may provide car transportation to your doctor's appointments and to church. The facility might even arrange bus transportation for field trips on a regular basis to attractions nearby. Staying mobile allows you to hold onto your independence and avoid isolation that could lead to depression and a decline in your mental and physical condition. Therefore, you want to live in a place that makes it easy to stay connected with the outside world.

Exercise Opportunities

Staying active is important to healthy aging. Look for a facility that offers exercise programs you will enjoy enough to participate in. If you love to swim, look for a place that has a swimming pool. Another nice amenity is a fitness gym with equipment and exercise classes that help you maintain strong bones and muscles. If you enjoy walking, then a facility with scenic walking trails is a nice choice. Even if the facility is not large enough to have a pool or trails, regular classes of some sort are a nice perk for residents. Dancing and yoga are great if you're still limber, and chair aerobics are good ways to exercise when you have limited mobility. Since your physical condition may change over the years you reside at the facility, be sure to consider how the amenities offered appeal to you now as well as how they'll suit you when you get older, especially if your condition declines.

Social Interaction

Social activities are extremely important. Being around other people helps keep your mind active and it helps you avoid depression. Your senior years will be much more enjoyable when you maintain an active social calendar. Some things to look for are group rooms for playing cards and board games, facilities for social sports such as shuffleboard or ping pong, group movie night, field trips, and visitation from local entertainment groups. There should be opportunities to socialize at every stage of your senior years, so you won't feel lonely or neglected.

Even if you've never been much of a social person, you may find that changes when you move into an assisted living facility and have the opportunity to engage with others of your same age and interests. Keep in mind these facilities vary considerably. Some are set up like small private homes and others are huge retirement communities with all the latest amenities. Look over a few different facilities before you decide where you want to live, so you can pick a place where you'll stay active and happy.

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