Four Reasons To Consider A Facility That Offers Dementia Care For Your Parent Who Has Dementia

Having a parent who is starting to become more and more forgetful can be a bit scary for many adult children. It can often make someone wonder if their parent is starting to develop dementia and often makes them worry because they do not know what to do to help their parent. If you have taken your parent to a doctor and he or she has been diagnosed with dementia, it may no longer be safe for them to live on their own. The guide below walks you through a few reasons why you may want to consider having your parent live in a facility that offers dementia care.

Cooking Can Be Dangerous

When someone with dementia cooks for themselves, it can create quite a dangerous situation. Dementia can often make people forget that they are even cooking anything and cause pans to boil over or catch fire. At the facilities that offer dementia care, food will be provided for your parent so that they do not have to risk attempting to cook for themselves.

Remembering to Lock the Doors at Night Can Be Difficult

When living alone, it is important for someone to lock their doors before going to bed at night to ensure that no one can easily gain access to the home. If your parent has dementia, they could forget to lock the doors, which would allow strangers to gain easy access to his or her home, which could lead to a very bad situation. At the facility, your parent will not have to worry about locking any doors in order to remain safe.

Knowing What to Do in an Emergency Situation May Not Be Possible

If an emergency takes place in your parent's home, they may not remember how to respond to it. This could lead to them trying to put out a fire on their own or attempting to tend to a wound that requires medical treatment. At the facility, there will be medical professionals on site who can give your parent the medical treatment they need quickly and easily, if anything does go wrong.

Maintaining a Regular Hygiene Schedule May Be Tough

When someone with dementia lives alone, it can be difficult for them to remember when they last brushed their teeth or took a shower. At the facility, there will be someone there to remind them that they need to bathe, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and get dressed every day.

When your parent stays at a facility like Gateway Living that offers dementia care, you can rest assured that they will be as safe and happy as they can possibly be. There are many facilities that offer your parent their own space to live so that they can feel as though they are living on their own, but the care they need to make sure they remain safe.