Moving A Parent To A Senior Care Home? A Few Things You Need To Know/Do First

Assisted living facilities are the common option toward the end of one's life. Either dementia or physical limitations often bring the elderly to these places. If you have to move one or both of your parents to a senior care facility, you should know that there are a few things you need to do first, a few things you should know. 

Find Out If a Facility Takes Medicare Payments

Assisted living facilities are not cheap. Medicare can cover some of the costs, but only if the facility takes Medicare payments. Some facilities make assisted living very affordable by taking just what Medicare pays each month for a resident to live there. You will have to spend a lot of time asking facilities if they take Medicare payments and what the remaining costs are each month after Medicare has paid its portion. If your parent(s) does not have enough money in savings or Social Security benefits to cover the remaining amount charged by a facility, you will have to keep searching until you find a facility that will leave your parent with some money each month. 

Find Out What Senior Healthcare Services Are Provided

Some facilities will provide room and board, making sure your parent receives three square meals a day, plus a snack or two. If your parent has diabetes, it is very important that the facility have a dietitian on staff that can create a diabetic menu for your parent and make sure that your parent is eating well. Other facilities may also provide onsite physical rehab services if and when your parent breaks a hip or needs surgery and rehab to recover. Even more facilities provide bathing, personal cares, dressing assistance, and ambulation services. You will need to find the facility that takes Medicare payments and provides your parent with all of the services your parent requires. 

Ask about Social Activities

Seniors and the elderly are still people. They still need social interaction, and that is why many facilities have social activities directors and social calendars. Ask to speak to the activities director when you are checking out a facility for your parent(s). Finding a facility where there are a wide variety of interesting and stimulating activities in which your parent(s) may participate is a good option. It will help your parent(s) remain active and involved with other people of similar ages and interests, and keep your parent from becoming too isolated. 

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