5 Activities You Can Enjoy At A Senior Living Center

A senior living center is a wonderful option for elderly adults who need assistance with routine tasks, such as meal planning or medication administration, but who are still in relatively good health. A concern some seniors have about these facilities is that they won't have enough things to fill out their days. The truth is, however, that senior living facilities provide a variety of fun activities for residents.

Here are a few activities that you can enjoy at a senior living center.

Exercise Classes

It is important for seniors to stay physically active for as long as they can. Regular exercise can help seniors maintain a healthy weight, increase flexibility and improve balance. From water aerobics to body weight workouts, there are a variety of exercises classes elderly adults can take at senior living centers. They can take different exercises classes each week to avoid getting bored.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are not just enjoyable for senior citizens. They can also help seniors sharpen their cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. At a senior living center, elderly adults can enjoy many kinds of arts and crafts, such as pottery, painting, drawing and knitting.

Field Trips

Many senior centers provide exciting field trip opportunities for residents. Seniors can go to many fun places on their field trips, such as parks, museums and sporting events. Residents will appreciate the change of scenery and may even learn something new during the field trip.


Gardening activities are also frequently offered at senior living centers and can be quite therapeutic for elderly adults. Planting flowers and plants can help seniors burn calories, gain strength and get vitamin D. Gardening can also help elderly adults alleviate stress, which can lower blood pressure and improve their mood.

Board Games

Board games are so simple, but they can provide so much enjoyment for residents at senior living centers. These games are fun and can give seniors an opportunity to socialize with their peers. They can also help seniors improve their cognitive function and dramatically reduce stress levels.

There are a lot of board games that senior citizens can enjoy playing, like Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit. 

Now you can see that senior living centers provide plenty of exciting activities for their residents. If you are thinking about moving into a senior living facility in the near future, you should schedule tours of several facilities as soon as possible.